Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tsumami Kanzashi: Another Attempt and More Pictures

I made two more tsumami kansazhi accessories last Tuesday. The second attempt was a pin I made my mother, who will be testing it out for durability. I don't have pictures of that one yet. The third attempt was a hair clip (pictures below). The petals turned out better, and this was my first attempt at adding the center piece with glue. Unfortunately, I don't really like hot glue, so I'm going to try to find more information at other methods. Sewing works, but might not be best with certain centers. I also tried hot gluing the flower to the hair clip, but it didn't hold, so I ended up sewing it on. Works well, but not the "clean" product I'd have preferred.

And below are better images of the first attempt (a ponytail elastic). A coworker liked it so much that she would like me to make one for her to buy, in black and white patterned fabric. I want to get more practice in before I even consider selling these. I'm a bit picky about quality, technique, and product durability.

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