Friday, December 9, 2011

Creative movement...

I've been making more and more jewelry, but with a bunch of "icky sickies" in my family, my creative bug has been a bit sluggish these past few weeks.  Orders are still coming here and there, and I have listed a few items on Etsy (and sold a couple things through there).  I am planning on working on new designs and techniques too.  I've already started to explore wire wrapping, but haven't listed any for sale... instead I gave two away as presents to coworkers, made three to give to my nieces and nephew (one each), and have kept the other three for myself (for now).  Wire wrapping, however, may open the door for even more styles and types...  For now, my etsy shop's name is "Melusine's Jewelry".  I'll explain the story of Melusine another time.  My FB artist page (Manky Cat) has examples too, though I have more to add.

Ideas to explore for the marbles, gems, or jewelry designs...

*  Glass etching
*  Gold and/or silver leaf added to the backs
*  Glass painting
*  Upcycling materials into findings and focals
*  Metal clays to make silver pendants
*  Make my own wire findings
*  Ribbons w/ clasps to use in place of chains for some pieces

Jewelry Designs and Pieces:
*  Goddess-themed designs - so far I have concept designs for Freya, Iris, Kali, and Persephone
*  Movie/Literature designs - example:  the golden snitch from Harry Potter and Katnis's Pearl from the Hunger Games Trilogy
*  Hairsticks, headbands, hair clips, bobby pins
*  Ear wraps
*  Small tiaras

I've already done some cuffs and bracelets, fish hook and post earings, rings, and a headband (but want to try a different method next)...  Lots of pendants, lariat necklaces and so on have been done, but not toggle front necklaces.

I also want to make a sand garden with colored sand and crackled marbles/gems as decoration.  I'm also thinking they would be great for game pieces too.