Monday, November 23, 2009

Steampunk Harley Quinn: Sketched

As my previous post said, "On a moment of divine inspiration (and after enjoying my harlequin outfit so immensely), I decided to do a scrapper steampunk-ish version of 'Harley Quinn' from the Batman cartoons." My husband and I thought that it would make sense for Harley and the Joker to get dressed up to enjoy some Wicked (Festival) fun at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

I sketched out a few ideas and this is the result of several attempts and alterations. I wanted something that captured the feel of Harley Quinn, sexy but without losing the extremely cute and naive feel, while being more Victorian or steampunk in nature.

Main Outfit:
Fitted long overcoat; Halter or sleeveless top; High-waisted bloomers (as the pants) with ruffled bottoms and short suspenders or straps (as part of the bloomers) to hold them up.

Diamond shaped fake 'tattoos' to be applied to the skin; Lace pieces to be applied to skin for the mask; Mini-jester hat with white pom-poms; Four-sided 'cravat' consisting of three layers of ruffle on each 'flap'; Gloves with attached ruffles; Appropriate shoes or shoe covers; bi-colored stockings, tights, leggings, or long socks.

Any other accessories will be added later, if desired or necessary and time allows.

My husband's outfit will likely be much more a "dapper" style outfit, which will counter my scrapper style well, me thinks. I'm not really sure if he's finished his sketch yet.

The downside to having the sketch done is that I want to start work on the outfit, but really shouldn't unless I do it in small pieces at a time. I need to work on my Victorian Mourning Outfit some more, and I am already getting inspiration on the next part to make on that project.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Projects and Victorian Mourning Outfit Update

Oh why does inspiration strike as a flood rather than a trickle? Not that I'm complaining. It's actually great to feel the draw of doing more than speculating on tasks and actually starting the projects... and completing them again.

I've drawn a new idea for an outfit to use at the Wicked Renaissance Faire: Mad Hatter Tea Party this February. On a moment of divine inspiration (and after enjoying my harlequin outfit so immensely), I decided to do a scrapper steampunk-ish version of "Harley Quinn" from the Batman cartoons. She's incredibly cute, but I haven't seen many people pull off a stylized version of her successfully. They always seem to miss the mark, either making her too cutesy or too sexy, and not finding the balance between the two that the cartoon managed to capture. So this is my challenge to myself for that event. I've drawn up the sketch, but haven't inked or colored it yet.

My husband decided to follow the theme and make a dapper Joker outfit, inspired by the Batman comics as well. I think this should be interesting.

Unfortunately, as I was gearing myself up for the Harley Quinn outfit, my hubby reminded me that I still have yet to finish my Olivia (Victorian Mourning) outfit. Oi! Definitely heard the brakes screeching to a halt with that reminder! There was a chance that Brimsteam would have a game this month, but it was tenative at best. Still uncertain if that will happen or when the next game will be, which makes me less than motivated to start work on this outfit... though I really ought to get a few more bits done given how much needs to be accomplished with it. I can definitely have enough done to make it wearable regardless.

I also have a family portrait I'm being commissioned to work on, which I will start sketching out soon.

Lastly, I hope to be able to perform in the the 2010 Rakkasah Caravan (which I believe is in May). Call-in starts sometime in February, and it's a pot shot in the dark if we'll actually get in. Would be great though. My husband and I plan on doing a comedy type bellydance skit. He'd be a steampunk inventor and I'd be his cutesy dancing doll. I have some ideas sketched out for the outfit, though I'm still not satisfied, and we are working on ideas for music, props, and choreography. If we don't get in, we'll try for the next event which would be a month later in Long Island.

As a side note, there is apparently a Clockwork Ball that is starting up in Piscataway, NJ. The plan is that it will be held one Tuesday of every month for $15 per person. I'm seriously thinking about that too... and my Olivia outfit should possibly work for a few times! Hm... guess that might help inspire me.

So much to do... so much to do... :-)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009: Completed Harlequins!

Halloween is over, and the costumes were completed in time for Trick-or-Treating. Our son wore his costume in several stages of completion... once for our visit to Fright Fest at 6 Flags (an amusement park) and once for the Pre-Trick-or-Treat Party my mother and I held for the children in our family. He looked adorable each time, but the pom-poms that we added on Halloween morning was an absolutely adorable touch that really completed the outfit.

Anyways, my husband made his entire outfit, except the hat and the cummerbund.

I accepted help from him with the baby's and my outfits, mainly because I was running out of time. I made the body of the baby and mommy costumes and my hat. My husband made the neck ruffs and the baby's hat. The fabric pom poms were a joint effort. He measured, cut, and serged the edges. I gathered them, rolled them into "flowers", and then stitched them to the costumes.

As can be seen in the photos, my design changed slightly. I chose not to have pom poms down the front of my shirt. I felt they would get lost in the polkadots and might be awkward for carrying my son. Instead, I put a pom pom "flower" on my hat near where my ear would be. It really added a whimsical, feminine touch that balanced out the look perfectly.

Anyways, without further ado... pictures of the finished outfits. :-)