Monday, February 15, 2010

Clockwork III: Clue!

I've been meaning to post about the Clockwork Ball III, but haven't had a chance. Bad me, I know. (Link to more photos are at the bottom of this entry.)

So, on to the costuming details. I'm overly pleased with this outfit thus far. I say "thus far" because it's still not finished. Yay!!! I'm contemplating keeping the striped harem pants as bloomers, since it matches the underskirt and gives them a purpose that they haven't had since I stopped going to renfests as much. The striped socks are also probably going to be part of the outfit going forward. I will make more proper under garments for Brimsteam, but Clockwork deserves a level of whimsy, no?

The clean lines of the outfit worked very well, and I love the top hat. I was going for a Mad Hatter / Magician / Gentlemanly Lady look, and the outfit did just that, me thinks.

What do I plan to work on to further this outfit? I'm so glad you asked! Okay... you didn't ask... But here it is anyways...

I am working on an assymetric bustle skirt. The top layer of it is cut out mostly, and I need only preshrink and cut the lining to get it rolling. I was originally going to make the lining a dark reddish-purple like the underskirt, but my husband rather liked how a dark blue lining would look with the black patterned bustle, black overskirt, and red-purple underskirt. We'll see if I made a mistake in going with the blue. I will not get this done for the event this weekend.

A petticoat is also in the works from last Wicked Faire, which was never quite finished. I hope to finish it this week, but if I don't, that's fine. All I have left to do is hem it, add the waistband and add the drawstring to the waistband. That shouldn't take to long... if I buckle down to do it.

I am trying to get my treasure chest purse altered to sit on my bustle pad, with treats in it. The bustle skirt was gonna be a nice "pillow" for the purse, but It's not necessary. If I feel it really needs it, I can throw a temporary together for Wicked.

Eventually, I will also be making a couple waistcoats to wear under (or in lieu of) the jacket. I have material and lining for a couple versions. One black, one red (with black accents), and one olive green. I'm a little hesitant to make these right now, as I've been losing weight and might have to get a new corset. Of course, if I had a buckle in the back to allow it to be adjustable for weight gain and loss, that might work fine. I'll decide that later.

I'd also like to do some more work on my top hat, adding some fabric flowers, my veil, and so forth. I also hope to get a walking cane and gloves. Finances are tight though, so the last two might take a bit of time.

More photos from Clockwork III can be found on my flickr account: