Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photos from SPWF

Just found the photos that a photographer (dvraptor) took of my husband, one of our friends, and I at the SPWF. I didn't find a couple months back when I originally was searching, but somehow stumbled on it this time. :-)

Presenting the booty:

Please do take some. I love to share. :-)

From left to right: Me, my husband, and our friend.

I honestly didn't realize how nice my outfit looked. The images here are a little small, but hopefully if you click on them, it will link to a larger version.

I also didn't realize how great I looked in that outfit! And how thin (not that I'm much of a stickler for losing weight as much as I am about being healthier). Right before I found out I was pregnant, I lost a decent amount of weight due to a few minor changes to my diet (only one or two cans of soda a week, if that, and so on). Even without the corset in the first few months of pregnancy, I looked pretty small. Then again, I also lost some weight in the first trimester because I was always feeling ill. But I would say that the outfit was a win... I just didn't have all the gizmos and guns that others were carrying around. I nice scholarly pirate lady type steampunk outfit.

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