Monday, August 23, 2010

Steampunk Events

I didn't realize how long it's been since I last posted here... and that I never updated about the steampunk events I attended at the time. So here's a quick update.

The Wicked Renaissance Festival (Feb. 20) was fun. I decided to wear my Olivia outfit. The treasure chest bustle topper was a hit, and I had plenty of chocolate coins. You know something is a hit when people walking by start snapping pictures of it while you are talking to others. I also got to meet some really great people, one of whom I've been keeping in decent contact with since.

After this event, I started work on an assymetric bustle skirt, but that project ended up being set aside when I learned I was pregnant. I do plan to start work on it again, when I get back to it when I'm able to wear my corset again.

About a month or so before the Steampunk Worlds Faire, my husband and I attended the second to last Clockwork event (then called Big Brass Ball). I believe this was in April. A reporter and photographer came to interview people there and take snap shots. Unfortunately, attendance was low that night, due to last minute rescheduling of the day (from Tuesday to Thursday) and some icy weather. It's too bad, because I think the photographer and reporter would have had more luck otherwise. Regardless, it was a nice evening and we got to hang out with some friends that we don't get to see very often. The reporter also took my husband's and my names and contact information to interview us later. I was feeling a bit sick when he actually called, so my husband was the only one of us two that ended up being interviewed. It was also shortly before this Clockwork event that I found out I was pregnant with my second child, so my outfit reflects that last minute change in attire... something simple, cool with the option of a jacket, and something that allowed the corset to be tied a little looser. I still had trouble catching my breath, so I decided that was the last event I'd wear my corset until after my second child was born and my body healed up. Sadly, we were unable to attend the final Big Brass Ball.

In May, there was the Steampunk Worlds Faire. Because of my lack of corset and my lack of energy, my outfit was very basic. Very few people noticed the treasure chest bustle topper, but that's not surprising, given all the nifty gadgets that everyone was trying to see (usually in the form of goggles, gizmos, and modded nerf guns... all of which were not on the back saide of a woman. *laughs*). We had a good time and met up with some of my old classmates from highschool. We've been somewhat in touch since, though we haven't hung out yet... though we hope to. It was their first Steampunk adventure, so my husband and I were basically their guides into what made steampunk... well... steampunk. My outfit had the base Olivia pieces, with a fitted vest, dark blue velvet sash (aroudn the waist) and polka dot clown pants. Hey... I gotta be playful even if it's only for me! For part of the time, I also wore a gold tone leather eye patch (with the an artistic eye hole to allow proper vision). Unfortunately, we didn't get more than just a couple pictures, and they are mainly close ups with my buddies, like the one below.

That's the last real steampunk event that my husband and I attended. We've been busy or exhausted... but we hope to attend at least one of the new monthly events in PA called something like "Dorian's Closet".

We also have started working on a new LARP, which is temporarily names "Steampunk LARP" (until we decide on something better). We've had a playtest with good results, but still have more work to do on the rules and props and such. The main thing is that we have to keep it very affordable, within legal parameters (for the parks), and get the rules scrubbed and sparkly. My husband has been working on most of that (and I really do view the LARP as his, with me as a creative influence). My main role is to come up with storylines and creatures ideas and to also help with any hurdles my husband finds himself in regarding the rules mechanics and descriptions. I'm also trying to help keep the rules simple, because honestly, I like simple formulas and such for games. Perhaps that makes me a lazy gamer... but only on the mechanics side!

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