Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alice In Wonderland: Sewing starts

The torso is partially sewn. My husband has instruction to pick up a few items we didn't get the during our mass material purchasing. I also let him know what he can serge and press tomorrow. We can't really go forward too far until we get those items tomorrow.

I hope to get this outfit don't by the end of this upcoming weekend... though I will be fine if it is finished the following weekend. I just am very excited to see how it looks in the end... that's one of the best parts (other than the knowledge that the receiver of the item is very happy with it... which is also a stressor too!).

So, that's where we stand tonight. No pictures, because it's late and not enough has come together to warrant snapshots yet. I also need to get up early tomorrow.

Night! :-)

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