Monday, August 17, 2009

Alice In Wonderland: Nearly finished!!!

My husband and I have a few small details to finish up, so minor that they really are us just being picky. We want to add a small bow on the front of the bloomers just to make it easier for my friend's daughter to know which way is front. Then I have a couple seems (only a few centimeters in two spots) to reinforce. My husband is going to reinforce the serge areas where the torso, petticoat, and skirt are joined, since he cut them down to make the zipper work easier in that area of the back, though this is only an inch on either side. He's also going to rework the zipper top to make a more finished look, because I felt it wasn't up to par as is. I believe that's all. Well... that and I have a surprise I hope to send too... "Hope" is the key word but I think it would be nifty.

Now for the pictures. Nevermind the yellow tone in the photos. I took the pictures at my mother's house, and her overhead light in that area gives a golden hue that I forgot about. It also made the cloth seem shinier than it actually is. I hope to get better pictures when the items are 100% complete (though really, our little changes won't be a noticeable difference... but the comparison shots between the cartoon stills and the final project might look more on par).

Alice's outfit: front and side

Alice's oufit: back

Alice's outfit: petticoat and bloomers

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