Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alice In Wonderland Update: Sewing Continues

The top of the dress is almost complete. We had to make a number of changes to the pattern (which of course added time to the process), but it's coming along. The sleeves still need to be attached, but that shouldn't take long. I'm also thinking about tacking down the collar a bit, just so it sits perfectly no matter what ride she's on. We will then add the zipper (which I leave to my husband), the skirt, and the petticoat. At that point, the blue dress will be done!

I'm trying really hard not to be too knit-picky with this project. I keep reminding myself that I'm looking at it from the artist's eye; over-critical and overly concerned with perfection. Just like my concern over the color of the material not being exact by my own opinion. Doesn't make me right because it really is very close (or the exactly color according to the daughter of my friend). I keep telling myself to relax and that it will be awesome. And it will!!! It's so adorable; even the sleeves are poofing just right!

I'll try to get pictures when the sleeves are attached... if we don't push right into the zipper, skirt and petticoat. Either way, I hope to have a few update pictures by this weekend. :-)

After that, we will still have the apron and the bloomers to finish. The apron... well... that's going to be interesting given how stylized it is and that we reworked the design. I can't wait to see it all complete. Actually, I can't wait to see pictures of its intended owner wearing it!

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