Sunday, January 3, 2010

Victorian Mourning Outfit: progress update

Movement on the outfit has been fairly slow. Holidays, illness, and typical family life tends to do that. But progress is still progress, no matter how quick or slow.
My husband and I took some photos to help us figure out a few things with our characters' outfits, which was fun and interesting. I searched for shoes that would work for use with my outfit, when LARPing or going to less physically taxing events. I also did research on how to make a bustle skirt, a mini hat, embellishments (kanzashi flowers being a main direction I plan to go in), and a new bustle based on a travelling bustle from the late 1800s.

The tough part is getting the outfit far enough to wear to Clockwork this Tuesday! I had this past week off, but with various celebrations and health issues, I didn't get a chance to go beyond research. I do, however, have the early part of tomorrow and the late part of Monday to work on getting things far enough along. I figure, all I really *need* is my black blouse, skirt (which needs both layers hemmed now that I have the right shoes), wide belt, bustle, bustle skirt (or something that could substitute), and my shoes. A new ruffled cravat would be great too. Out of all that, only two or three real tasks. (Getting a comment here from the guy heading the event was a real motivational push... though I didn't see it until a month after he sent it.)

I don't want to rush this outfit and end up with something I hate, but I'd really love to wear this outfit to something. If push comes to shove, I can just wear the blouse, a vest, nice slacks, and some accessories for a nice steampunk look that's a bit more laid back. We'll see what happens.

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