Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olivia: Magicianry

As my previous entry stated, Olivia (my Brimsteam steampunk LARP character) is going to have an interest in magic (ie. magic tricks and illusion)... or as she might call it "magicianry." She would probably have learned a few tricks and picked up a few skills along the way.

Which brings me to the ramblings of this entry...

I used to work in a magic shop. Not the occultic type, but the magic trick type. The store is located at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I had the proud honor of being the first female employee to work there. Let me tell you, being a woman in the magician industry can be emotionally difficult, even at the selling level, but I enjoyed working there and for several years I was making the wand "cases" I sold (on consignment) to be a nice additional option for customer who bought wands (or already had wands they could use the cases for). I have long since left the shop, but still have most of the few magic tricks I bought/received there. I also kinda remember how to do a few of the tricks that were more memorization than not. Now I can use my experience again! Bwahahahah!

So far, the routines I'm hashing out are:

  • "Beginners Luck" - Olivia demonstrates why she never gambles, especially with cards.
  • "A Most Heinous Murder" - Who murdered the king? Who sent that strange sealed note? What is the message within? The cards have the answers.
  • "Sleuthing Spirits" - Olivia enlists the help from the spirits of two deceased detectives help find the participant's chosen card though she has no idea which card was chosen.
  • "Woman's Intuition" - The participant shuffles the deck and chooses a card at random, keeping the card a secret from her. Even after shuffling it with several other random cards, she is still able reveal the participants chosed card.

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