Sunday, July 5, 2009

Intro and Alice in Wonderland project

It's about time to start this blog, having reserved the name for a time.

This first entry is for the daughter of an online friend. They are going to Disney World and her youngest daughter wants to dress up as Alice. The due date is early to mid September, but I'm hoping to get it done earlier, if for no other reason than to have time for any adjustments that might be necessary.

Here you see the sketch of the dress after carefully watching Alice in Wonderland. Later, I saved a goodly number of stills from the movie, and have noted a few changes I want to make, though I don't think a new sketch is necessary.

Some of the changes are that the petticoat has a ruffle (as seen in the flower garden scene and the apron's back is not perfectly rounded but is more oblong (the back hangs a little lower, giving an oblong appearance). My friend's daughter also specified that she does not want pockets (which only shows up in two scenes of the movie, but would seriously change the look of the apron from what people are accustomed to). I hope to post some of the still as I continue work on the items, to show a proper comparison between the item and the image.

Here are the materials I gathered for this. Two thicknesses of white 100% cotton cloth (bleached muslin) for the petticoat, bloomers, and apron. Blue 100% cotton broadcloth in the closest blue I could find to the images I printed out. An "invisible zipper" for the back and thread in the closest tones I could find at the time(though I might see if I can find a closer match of the thread to the cloth if this one doesn't suit my standards). The blue of the print-out looks lighter because the flash of my camera is reflected more off the paper than it is off the fabric.

These are the patterns I will be using as reference for the dress and the bloomers, though I will have to come up with my own pattern for the apron, given its unique design.


Whisper said...

The drawing looks great! I'm going to have a better costume than the people at Disney World! The fabric is perfect i'm going to look just like Alice!this is going to be my best costume ever! Thank you so much for making this for me. I really love it all. Again Thank you so so so so so much!
From Jerni

MankyCat said...

Hi Jerni,
Glad to meet you! I'm also excited about this project and can't wait to get it done so you can try it on! I mentioned to you mom that right now we have to wait for the material to be preshrunk (so it doesn't shrink when you first wash it). I'll let her know when there are more entries here, so you are the first to know. :-)