Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween 2009: Baby Harlequin Update

My son's outfit is mostly cut out. All I have left to cut is his hat and the neck ruffle. I used an animal/devil/angel pattern that I altered to have the appropriate bagginess. We plan to have snap opennings along the inseam of the legs for easy diaper changes and the outfit should be baggy enough to allow him to wear warm clothing underneath.

I hope to have the body of the outfit done tonight (except maybe the snaps) and the rest done by tomorrow night. Then I can start my outfit, which I'm far less concerned about since I can through something appropriate together from the renfest costumes I've gathered over the years. I'd rather not, but I do feel that the costumes for my husband and my son are far more important.

On a side note: Joann's has a fairly nice sale going on until Monday. Simplicity patterns are $0.99, interfacing is 50% off, and so on. I fell into temptation and got some patterns, interfacing, and several rolls of 'salvage bin' cloth cuts (under 1 yard... but enough to make small things with... like a baby blanket, an apron, etc). My husband also got three of the four books he ordered from Amazon on Victorian and Edwardian fashions. I can't wait to look at them. :-)

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