Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween 2009: Baby Harlequin Jumper

I finished the Jumper part of my son's Harlequin costume. It's pretty much a perfect fit! I might make a few changes later, if I have time before Halloween.

My husband made the bias tape out of the original sleeves I cut (which were too short). I used that bias tape around the wrists and ankles as a casing for the elastic gathers. They are barely visible in some of the pictures below.

I part of the bottom inseam open so we can pull the outfit on over his head and to allow us easy diaper changes. The front has a short opening that closes with snaps, just for extra ease and comfort.

My mother has most of the pictures we took of him in the costume thus far. He was so cute, running round and squealing. Me thinks he likes the bright colors!

The jumper looks cuter and poofier (and longer) when he's walking around on his own. The pictures below don't really show that, but they do show how absolutely adorable the jumper is and how much fun my baby had in it.

So... I have his hat, neck ruffle, and pom-poms to finish to complete this outfit. I'm also thinking about making a quicky outfit for his monkey harness, which would be way too cute.

For now, I'm working on the base of my outfit, which I hope to finish cutting tonight and maybe even mostly stitch together by tomorrow night. My husband's outfit, on the other hand, is mostly done, though we don't have pics of it yet.

Anyways, off I go to finish cutting out my top and my pants. :-)

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