Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Victorian Mourning Outfit: Updated Project List

Since I have more time to work on this project, I figured I might as well put together an updated list of project pieces I'd like to make for this outfit (by semi-priority). I'm also going to start working on other projects that will need to be done, like my family's Halloween costumes and the Pre-Trick O' Treat Party items. When the date for the next Brimsteam event is set, I'll start buckling down again. In the meantime, I will go at a slower rate, and work on it as I get the desire and/or time.

There are some Steampunk events that my husband and I are thinking about attending, which is more of a reason to flesh out our outfits.

Here's the updated list of what I need or want to make and/or buy, which is subject to change.

1. Blouse: Done. (Might make another, improving on the pattern.)
2. Skirt and Petticoat Combo: In Progress.
3. Bustle Pad. (Smaller than the one I made last February.)
4. Corset? (Debating, since I have one, but it's not a period shape.)
5. Vest.
6. Tie.
7. Gun(s) and Boffer weapon(s): In Progress.
8. Bloomers.
9. Hat, possibly with slight veil.
10. Camisole.
11. Short Jacket or Bolero.
12. Long Jacket or Coat.
13. Muff and/or Gloves.
14. Apron.
15. Stockings.
16. Parasol.
17. Traveling Desk/Pack, with journal/sketchbook and pen/quill.
18. Wig.
19. Sunglasses: Bought.

I hope to put pictures up of my husband's progress on his outfit too... With the mad dash rush to get things done by this Saturday, I didn't have the chance, but perhaps now one of us will be able to.

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