Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creativity in the Works (aka. the Stitch-Itch)

Here's a list of projects I plan to work on as I get more situated and settled (and get my work stations set up) in my new apartment:
  • Set up a sewing/textile work station.  I'm thinking of using part of the "dining room" for this.
  • Set up a painting work area (though this may be a mostly "on the balcony" sort of thing.
  • Work on the commissioned portrait.  I need to find the supplies and reference materials, but that's covered in part by bullet #2.
  • Sort textile project supplies, which will also include items to be remade into other things.  Items needing to be mended will likely go here too, but in a "special" section to get priority (for the most part).
I am very inspired to by MADE of late.  Through that website, I also found Wardrobe Refashion, which is also inspiring, especially the challenge (with cute little button graphics to encourage you to stay on track).  And through that website, just as I'm writing this entry, I found Refashion Co-op which I hope to peruse more thoroughly.

I've wanted to remake various clothing items into new pieces for myself and my family, but kept holding back.  There were a number of factors involved: lack of space, lack of time, hesitancy for whatever reason.  But the urge has continued to increase.  Now I feel I can start.  And with the ideas on the sites listed above, I feel nearly ready.  The first project I might do, just to flex my "sewing muscles" is to transform a maternity shirt I have into a full outfit for my little girl.  I love that shirt because the cotton is soft and the color and fabric design is pleasing.  Stripes (which I'm a sucker for) in dark and medium blue.  So I am thinking about turning it into ruched leggings (using the tutorial from MADE) and a summer dress with ruffles for my daughter.  After that, I might make either a stuffed dragon for my son out selvage cloth, a shirt for him out of one of my old goth shirts, or a fairy outfit for my daughter's Faerie Festival dress out of a pink "special occasion" dress I have and only used a couple times.  Or... I can start piecing together a couple toddler quilts for both my kids.  As can be seen, I'm still a little undecided.  I also plan to make a number of cat toys.  :-)

As I posted on Facebook the other day, I've got the "stitch-itch" and I hope to get working on my projects soon.  :-)

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